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Time To Bulk Up – How To Bulk Edit Tutorials

Mar 18, 2016

Are you ready to do some heavy lifting? You’re loving making interactive tutorials, you’re making a lots of them and so are all your teammates. But making sure all tutorials are consistent may be a challenge. Going back in to edit each tutorial is a hassle.

Well, here’s an easy way to bulk up!

In your iorad settings, you have the option to bulk edit all your tutorials in seconds. You can hide or show the header, menu, sharing and print options in both the player and embed layout. You can also set access type, the theme and make View Steps as the default view. By adjusting your settings, you avoid having to make edits one by one, instead you achieve brand consistency and save a ton of time!

Here’s how to make bulk edits:
(or run through the steps in our interactive tutorial!)

  1. Log into your Premium account.
  2. Click “Your Account” in the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click “Tutorial Settings” in the top right corner.
  4. On the Tutorial Settings page, you can make one or many changes to your tutorials. Check off “Remember Settings” so all future tutorials will have the same framework.
  5. When you’re done, click “Apply To All Tutorials.” We understand people change, companies change and ideas change. You can always go back in and edit your settings at any time.

bulk tutorial settings

Whether this is your first tutorial or your hundredth, reviewing your settings will help you build tutorials efficiently and shave off a lot of time.

Go give your tutorials a work out now, so you don’t have to.

*Bulk editing is only available for Premium accounts. Upgrade to Premium here.

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3 New Features That Will Make You A Kickbutt Tutorial Builder

Mar 9, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.37.53 PMYou’re great at what you do. And that’s why your boss wants you to teach the whole department, and then some, how to do it right. Well, that’s where iorad comes in. iorad helps you create interactive tutorials to make flawless training and knowledge bases in just a few minutes – saving you more time to think…and, well, do what you have to do.

iorad works by navigating through any web application stitching together step-by-step instructions, with you at the helm. There’s no need for screenshots or messy templates. It captures the screen directly, breaks down the steps and you can simply share the link or print off your guides.

And it just got a whole lot better…

Here’s a quick update on the new features we’ve been working on that will help you teach anything to anyone while saving you well-earned time.

We’ve added a slew of incredible updates and features that’ll make recording and editing tutorials a breeze.

1. The iorad Chrome Extension – faster, better, easier tutorials from your browser

Who doesn’t use Chrome? We heard your cries and have launched our own Chrome extension, so now you can easily create tutorials right from the comfort of your own browser. More and more programs and software are moving online. And of course, you’ll want to make sure your whole team is on board with this move, becoming masters of any web-based application.

You can still use iorad for desktop, but, for those who use Chrome, the iorad extension will be available at your convenience to record your web-based tutorials easier and faster.

How it works:

iorad Chrome store extension

  1. Simply install the extension by selecting “Add to Chrome” in the store, click “Add Extension” in the pop up and voilà. Two seconds and you’re all set, no fussy downloads or installations.
  2. Navigate to your web application or website (ex. website backend, Quickbooks, Salesforce, social media, etc.) and once you’re ready to record your tutorial, click on the extension and then “Start Capture” to begin.
  3. Click through the steps of your web application.
  4. When you’re done click on the extension again and select “Done”. Your tutorial will be automatically saved in your account to access, share or edit.

iorad Chrome extension start

iorad Chrome extension start

How’s that for e-learning?

Get the iorad Chrome extension >>

2. Voice Narration – record directly or upload audio

Love the sound of your own voice? Describe each step exactly how you want (sing it, rap it, heck, auto-tune it). Use our new voice recording tool or upload a pre-recorded voiceover on your selected slide.

Note: Premium feature only.

iorad audio feature

3. 50 Other Ninja Tweaks

Wait did we say 50? Yes! We’re always working to provide a simple, seamless experience, so our team has been hard at work in stealth mode creating powerful yet subtle tweaks to your iorad experience. We won’t go through them all but with these new changes, creating a tutorial has never felt so smooth. Log in for better user experience and faster delivery.

What are people saying about iorad?

iorad Chrome extension reviews

iorad Chrome extension reviews

Need we say more? Stop stalling and sign up!

Still need a wee bit more time to think about it? Install our Chrome extension first and see how you feel.

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How This Zendesk User Made 10 Knowledge Base Articles in 40 Minutes

Oct 26, 2015

Meet Julie. Julie’s a customer support pro at a growing startup that uses Zendesk.

Her boss asked her to make sure she’s documenting solutions to all the most common problems. Who wants to keep doing the same thing over and over? Time is money!

But there’s a problem. Julie’s busy answering phone calls and wowing customers all day.  She has no time for copy/pasting screenshots and documenting her knowledge. Julie’s a doer but doing repetitive, time-consuming tasks goes against every fiber of her being.  So she asked herself how she could streamline the process. Is there a tool where she can just click through the steps, hit done and the solution article automagically shows up in the knowledge base?

Dare she dream?

Yep! Here are Julie’s 3 steps to knocking out knowledge base articles like they are going out of style:

1. Organize

iorad: Organize

Take out your trusty pen and paper and number it 1 through 10.  Write down the names of the 10 articles you want to create.  Make sure you’re specific. For example,  Tracking Changes Made to a Word Document or How to add another email account to gmail.  The best articles are less than 20 steps.  You don’t want your precious users pulling their hair out following a 100 step process.  The more specific/shorter the better.  Once you have this list…


2. Categorize

iorad: CategorizeLook at the 10 articles you just come up with. Next to the article name, write down the knowledge base categories they belong in.  Invest the time upfront in organizing the categories and subcategories in a logical way.  This will pay off in spades for you, making it a cinch to add knowledgebase articles in the future and making it easier for your users to find what they are looking for!  Now you may or may not already have these categories set up.  Just make sure they’re set up before moving on to step 3.


3. Rock out with iorad

Once you have the iorad for Zendesk app installed you’re ready to go.  Now go and grab the list you made in steps 1 &2.  Start with the first article on your list.  Get to the screen that is going to be the first step in the article.  Prepare yourself.  Take a moment and mentally go through the steps in your head.  Got a clear picture?.  Launch the iorad app for zendesk and select the category and subcategory of your first article and click “Add Solution.” The capture frame launches. Now it’s time to move.  Click capture and just complete the task at hand. If you’re doing How to add an email account to Gmail, sign into Gmail and complete that task. Click finish and iorad “automagically” makes the article, puts it in your knowledge base, and makes it instantly searchable right from Zendesk.  Check it out below (click to view the actual page).



One down. 9 to go!

Julie’s a happy gal now with a new found way to be productive inside Zendesk. She knows she won’t have to sit around copy/pasting for hours each week. Moreover, her boss is going to be happy with her productivity. iorad is automagical! So try it out for yourself and share your experience with us. What are some other tools that help with your productivity?