5 Keys to Knowledge Base Adoption


Lauren Taylor

You’ve invested time, resources, and manpower into creating a knowledge base to support your users. Unfortunately, support tickets continue to rise while articles remain unvisited. The struggle of providing help to users and getting them to use it… is real!

No fear, all is not lost, just have agents hyperlink to the knowledge base article when they are responding — conditioning the customer to go to the Knowledgebase for future answers. A critical piece of this puzzle is having a solid knowledge base to be able to start increasing adoption with your users!

Let me share our 5 keys to increasing your knowledge base adoption.

  1. Searchable Content: No one likes endlessly searching. A user searching for help is already frustrated & short on time, make content easy to find.
  2. Relatable Content: Have you ever gone to search for a particular document and all the “help documentation” was information no one cares about? It’s frustrating! Be sure that help articles are relatable to the majority of your users.
  3. Up-to-Date Content: Users love to see updates & enhancements in a product — it’s exciting & builds pride in the product. However, this can quickly become a pitfall & frustration for your users if documentation fails to remain updated.
  4. Accessible Content: It’s pretty standard to have a knowledge base site outside of the application in need of support. It’s crucial to provide many points of contact that direct the user to the Knowledgebase. Making the content easily accessible for users to find when they are in a pinch.
  5. Understandable Content: You’ve been there… after trying numerous searches the article is hard to follow. One might print it in hopes it's easier to follow step by step to complete the process. These articles need to be easily readable & consumable. If too many words, no visuals, or too lengthy, you’ll lose the opportunity to assist your users through the knowledge base.

That’s it in a nutshell. Just remember — turn support tickets into KB articles, link KB articles in ticket responses, and of course our 5 keys to adoption. If you follow this guideline, you’ll be a support ninja in no time.

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