Accessorize your LMS

Have you jumped on the LMS bandwagon yet? There are thousands out there, all claiming to be better than the next. Learning Management Systems are seeing value in adding more modules to their toolbelt. In result, more Talent Management Suites are being built. Many companies have seen the practical use & are now working to build out their modules to fit this model.

However, whether your company gets a TMS or just an LMS… the “M” only stands for Management! These systems are great but they are meant for managing content… NOT creating content. That’s where accessorizing comes in.

Accessories are many times referred to as integrations. Integrations can range from HRIS systems, Single Sign-On, CRM’s, Document Management, Content Creation, and so on. Most Learning Management Systems have little to no ability to create content within the system, only manage content. If they do have the ability to create content — it is quite limited & pretty basic. This is why common add-ons are content creation tools. Companies invest in tools like Captivate, Articulate, Vyond, and many others. While these tools are useful they take a lot of time to learn, curate & maintain. They all definitely have their place but for application training, iorad is the best tool for the job.

If you need an overview video or something entertaining — absolutely use one of those sweet video tools. However, if you need to teach a process in an application — look no further than iorad. Stop spending hours narrating screencasts while trying to not to stumble. No more having to re-do the entire video just because something small changed in the process. Just start the capture, click through the steps and let iorad do the rest! If something changes, no problem — delete the step and re-launch the recorder to insert the new steps. Bam! You’re done in minutes. What about the voice-over? We got you covered — our text to speech integration with just one click you’ll have audio for your entire tutorial. Pretty nifty, huh?!

Whether you choose an LMS or TMS … accessorize your system with iorad to take your training to the next level.