After 11 years, I’m finally ready to pay for the app we’ve built.

I’ve been mentally preparing my first iorad blog post for the last couple of weeks. Besides a couple of automated mails when you first signed up, and a one-off GDPR announcement…you’ve probably never heard from us. That’s because I’ve never felt comfortable with the whole idea of marketing and selling a product that I wouldn’t pay for myself. There was always something that could be better or a new feature I needed before I could be happy.

So, we stayed quiet for 11 years. You read that right…11 years. We didn’t focus on the normal things that a startup obsesses over: traffic, engagement, churn, or revenue. We actually didn’t care. And, if I’m being totally honest… still don’t.

It’s just not fun.

That’s insane. Insane if you are trying to build a REAL business.

You ever watch an episode of Shark Tank?

A bright eyed inventor comes on and talks product, product, product. Sharks start questioning them about their shitty numbers; inventor replies with some form of, “…but, those numbers are without any sales and marketing”; and Mark ends the episode with his classic, “You’re a wantreprenuer, not an entrepreneur”.

Picture at that very moment my wife and kids turning around in unison and giving me that look of…“Sound familiar?”.

The truth hurts, but for me, there is no master plan. No timeline to adhere to. It’s never been about a job or a career. It’s my calling. This is my cause. To build a product that will solve MY problem. My laziness and my hatred for copy/pasting screenshots is what birthed iorad. It’s that simple.

Luckily for me, word spread slowly on its own (Show HNa Forbes article). Some daring customers started paying for it. Small things kept happening that paid the bills and eventually, let us hire amazing people along the way.

It bought us time while we got better. Everyday.

Which brings us to today. I’m excited. My imposter syndrome levels are at an all time low. For the first time in 11 years I‘m finally comfortable to whip out my credit card without hesitation and pay. Maybe there is something to this 10,000 hour rule. I’m proud. It’s gorgeous, simple, and most importantly fast. The value — I’d rather show you than tell you...



Pretty cool huh? Our solution has wildly exceeded the idea from 11 years ago. I’m proud of what we have created. Although, I’ll always be a wantrepreneur, it’s my job, no…duty…to share with the world what we have created. So in that light, I’m going to focus on sharing. Sharing our story, sharing our features and sharing how we can help.