Another Fish Story...

Teach someone to fish…

Trite but true: Give someone a fish; they eat for a day. Teach someone to fish; they eat for a lifetime. Yet, in spite of all of the money spent on employee training — if you haven’t seen Training Magazine’s 2020 Training Industry Report, it’s interesting reading — prevailing research shows that people forget about 70% of new information within 24 hours.

One way to fight the attrition of your trainees’ learning is to provide them with two things while they are learning:

  1. Interactive, hands-on, just-in-time training, and
  2. The means to easily access the information after the training.

Luckily, to accomplish this does not require an additional hire dedicated to creating extensive courses. Especially when trying to teach users how to use an online program, you want the employee not HR to be doing the work to learn — literally.

The solution: iorad’s tutorial builder. Creating an iorad tutorial takes no more time than capturing the process in real-time, which generates the interactive, hands-on, just-in-time training tutorial and provides the means to easily access the information after the training. Need proof? Try this tutorial: How to email a Gmail group. As the learner, you have the choice of multiple interfaces: Try It, View It, Watch It, Print It, and Do It. There’s also a Quiz mode.


modesMultiple Interface Modes

Want to see more? Download the iorad extension and have access to tutorials others have made public. Want to create more secure tutorials? iorad tutorial builder has a Help Center feature you can customize with all of the tutorials you’ve created for your employees.

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