Audio SSML Versioning


Lauren Taylor

Everyone loves the option to automatically generate audio using one of our Text to speech (TTS) services! However, sometimes the pronunciation or phrasing needs adjustment, which requires adjustment in the text field & regeneration of the audio file.

If not that, maybe you just wanted to customize your audio to make it a little more informational than the brief instructional text provided to the right.

Either way, wouldn’t it be nice if the iorad audio editor would save that text you altered to generate new audio?!

Well then, I’ve got some news that just might make your day. Once you adjust the text to the right of the audio file AND generate new audio via TTS, iorad saves it! You can easily toggle between current editor text & the text you adjusted for the new audio file.

It is important to understand that, once you delete the newly generated audio file that originated from the adjusted text, that text will no longer be stored in iorad. This text is only available & stored after the text field has been edited AND a NEW audio file has been generated.

Check out this tutorial below to learn more:

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