Capturing a Mobile Device with iorad


Lauren Taylor

While it isn’t possible to use our iorad browser extensions or desktop capture to capture directly on your mobile device; it IS possible to capture your mobile screen. Despite iorad not officially supporting screen mirroring, here are a few tips that we like to provide our community. Let’s go over how to do this.

There are now tools available that allow you to mirror your mobile device to a computer; Reflector & APowerMirror to name a couple. Here is an  article that lists a few additional options. Please note that mirroring with QuickTime is problematic, we recommend using another mirroring app. Sometimes QuickTime works sometimes it won’t — best thing is for you to try it.

Mirror the application to your computer, perform the action on the real device and then click on the mirrored application to grab the screenshot. It will not recognize the components so you will have to manually size them. It’s not ideal but this is how the majority of our users capture mobile apps using iorad.

Find a screen mirroring tool that fits your needs and then download the iorad desktop capture tool.

After you have your tools, you’ll be off to the races.

Up to you whether you want to re-size the iorad capture frame to fit your mobile device or center the device in the middle of the default frame size. You can see which way you like best. If your users will be viewing the tutorials mostly mobile then we advise re-sizing the frame to fit the mobile mirrored device. This will display better for their mobile viewing experience. However, if it's viewed more via desktop then just keep the mobile device centered in the frame.

Hope you find this helpful. Happy capturing!