Create a Personalized Training Experience


Lauren Taylor

When coming across iorad you might have thought to yourself — wow, this is going to save me so much time! Let me just bust out a tutorial, generate audio with text to speech service and boom done. Mission complete.

However, maybe you find yourself with a few extra minutes to kick your tutorial up a notch for a more personalized experience for your learners. How might you go about that, you ask? For starters, hopefully, you’ve already applied a theme with your company logo & a background image on the cover.

Let me share three simple ways to create a more personalized learning experience in just a few extra minutes.

1. Start your tutorial with an introduction

This could be as simple as copying the first step, changing “Click” to “Read” & giving some context via the step text. However, it can be as advanced as adding an intro slide which includes the trainer’s picture, name, and title along with introducing themself & the tutorial topic. Create this introductory slide using tools like Canva and Presentation software(Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint). In order to view the full screenshot, you’ll want to change the image zoom to 0%.

**Important to note: If you’re utilizing Live mode for a tutorial it is best practice not to add additional slides outside of the actual steps.

2. Record your own audio

Using the text to speech audio generator is a great option & super fast. However, we all know hearing a real human voice definitely beats a computer generated one any day. Take a few extra minutes to record your own voice as this will express your personality to your the learners. Studies show that we retain more when we feel connected to the learning experience… aka the trainer. Hearing the intonation in the voice helps the learner connect to you as a person versus a computer generated voice.

3. Vary Audio Verbiage from the Step Text

Taking this same point to another level because we want to try to connect to the learner creating that more personalized learning experience, be sure to vary your audio recording script to what is written in text on the tutorial. By not regurgitating the text on each step, you’re able to mix it up and put your own flare on the instructions.

Take a look at the sample tutorial below to see the concepts shared above in action.

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