Customer Education & iorad

infinitely instrumental in imperative instruction


Think about the things you try to put into place in your training programs that benefit your learners:

(1) workflows

(2) personalized, customized, digital engagements

(3) visibility

(4) consistent expectations

(5) solving problems

(6) aligned to standard practices

(7) immediate feedback

iorad addresses every one of those training goals. With iorad you can create workflows in logical increments that build on each subsequent step. ⛋ Your iorad tutorials offer your learners a consistent training experience that they know will solve their immediate challenges. ⛋ You create the tutorials, so your standards of practice are implicit in the training, and your learners receive immediate feedback when they use the iorad’s interactive Try it or Quiz modes. ⛋ You are in control of the deployment of the tutorials, including a centralized Help Center option, so you can optimize and customize the visibility of the available training.

iorad is a CE solution to create step-by-step, interactive tutorials in minutes that are shareable in multiple formats. iorad allows you to easily provide your customers [and staff!] with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to be successful. And that’s a great way to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, which is really your goal, isn’t it? ⛋ Check out how others are using iorad to support their CE.