Employees need Engaging Onboarding

Employee onboarding is daunting not only for the employee but also the trainer. Attempting to teach new employees everything they need to know in a matter of a few days, hoping they retain at least half of it. Similar to the challenge that many educators face, employees need to be ENGAGED in learning! Trainers are beefing up onboarding programs, using technology, and finding creative ways to teach software applications.

>> Companies with an engaging onboarding program retained 91% of their first-year workers. <<

Educators are well versed in differentiated instruction and guess what…their students are now our employees. The iorad approach of displaying the same content in many formats speaks directly to the diverse learner scenario. iorad is a solution that is for the creator AND the learner.

Easy creation + Easy learning = High-efficiency workforce

A solution that enables the Subject Matter Expert to quickly create a tutorial to train new employees without sacrificing the additional time of the SME.

The learner practices and engages in learning the application without having access to the applications, just yet. Taking it a step farther, being able to provide access to a tutorial library after onboarding, when they need to get their job done. Now, that’s pretty powerful!