Excellent Customer Support Sells

In the realm of e-commerce, product reviews reign supreme. As opposed to a brick and mortar, where just about everything can be picked up and examined and salesmen are readily available to answer any questions, merchants in the online marketplace instead rely on one powerful tool to sell their products — the customer.

Finding the motivation to sit down and write a product review is a direct result of the customer’s experience being unforgettable (especially the bad kind). In the unfortunate situation that a customer has one of these negative experiences — all is not lost. A merchant’s ability to provide timely and robust customer service can help to turn that frown upside down. Even a lousy product with missing pieces and an instruction manual written in Morse code can be saved when excellent customer support is only a few clicks away. A positive customer support experience can work wonders to minimize any frustration your customer might experience.

Because sales happen faster with outstanding support, it only makes sense to invest in top-notch tools that will enable your customer support team to help sell your products for you. Using iorad to enhance your customer support experience is like providing a 24/7 personal assistant for every customer. As any FAQ page will attest — many customers have the same problems with a product. Iorad affords you the ability to provide your customers with a tool to overcome these common problems with just a few clicks.

Even if the problem is one of an uncommon variety, iorad gives the ability to send detailed instructions in minutes. The customer can even replay these in the future, should the problem rear its ugly head again. Even better yet, iorad live can be used to support your customers from afar, lending a figurative hand to hold while it walks them through the solution to the problem in real-time.

A tool that makes it easier to support your customers when they need it most not only helps current customers get the most out of your product but also is the game-changer for all of your future customers as well.