From Tech Consumer to Creator

Combining continuous learning, collaboration tools, and online learning platforms can be a powerful way to turn from a consumer of technology to a creator. Here are some steps to take to get started:

  • Set Goals: The first step is to set clear goals for what is to be achieved. For example, this could be to learn a new program to move forward toward being a creator. Once goals are set, identify the specific skills needed to learn and the resources needed to achieve one's objectives. iorad is a great starting place by using the square to access step-by-step tutorials how-to use tools to help with creation, for example, Canva, Genially, or StreamYard.
  • Use Online Learning Platforms: There are many online learning platforms available that can provide courses, tutorials, and other resources to help learn the skills needed. Not only can you use the square with its ready-to-use how-to tutorials, but using or even creating one-stop Help Centers made of the tutorials that match one's goals create their own learning repositories. Here's a sample iorad Help Center made with the tools mentioned earlier: Canva, Genially, & StreamYard Help Center.
  • Utilize Collaboration Tools: Collaboration tools can help connect with other learners and collaborate on projects. Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Workspace are usually thought of as collaboration tools; they're great for communicating ideas. Now go one step further towards becoming a creator by sharing a dashboard with colleagues; this can streamline the distribution of work, unify the brand, and support an organized training structure. Here's an example of the roles in a team-based dashboard in iorad.
  • Join Communities: Joining online communities and forums related to their area of interest can help them learn from others, ask questions, and get feedback on their projects. One could join specialized online communities like Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Reddit to connect with others in the tech community; one should also participate in a community that does not limit its expertise to only a few products. That's where the square comes in. the square is a community-powered Q&A site that’s built on iorad’s core tutorial creation technology. In the square, you can solve problems, ask questions, and share answers on products already listed, or put in a request to have a product added.
  • Practice Continuous Learning: Continuous learning is an essential part of becoming a creator. Make a habit of regularly learning new skills, staying up-to-date on the latest trends, and experimenting with new tools and technologies. Again, the square is an integral part of this process.

Think of all of the benefits of simply learning how to use iorad to create help centers, answers in the square, social media posts, newsletters, synchronous and asynchronous professional development, and even micro-credential courses based on your tutorials:🔹increased creativity🔹improved problem-solving skills🔹career advancement🔹entrepreneurial opportunities🔹personal growth🔹contribution to society


Combine continuous learning, collaboration tools, and online learning platforms to develop the skills and knowledge needed to turn from a consumer of technology to a creator. With practice and persistence, soon you'll be building projects, gaining confidence in your abilities, and making a valuable contribution to the tech community.

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