Got it. … Now, how do I do that again?


Lauren Taylor

How often have you gone through training & then months or even days later been in the application to complete a task and can’t recall how? I know, I’ve experienced this frustration many times in my career. Here we are in the thick of things trying to get everything done, we don’t have the time or patience to fumble around trying to recall what we learned in training, however long ago. So, what do we do next? Maybe we call a fellow co-worker, log into an LMS, try clicking around, or maybe we put it on the back burner for “later.”

Most training solutions are housed in some third-party site. You get stuck while working in an application and then have to navigate away to go track down help. iorad is a unique solution in that it is where the learner is when they need it. We go to where the learners are — we don’t ask them to come to us!

For example, you are working in Salesforce and can’t remember how to run a report. Just click the iorad extension, type “report” in the search bar, and in seconds you are referencing how to run that report. It’s that simple and quick. iorad is where the learners already are doing their everyday work, it’s just sitting in their browser waiting to be called on.

We’ve seen great success with the two-prong learning approach, LMS + iorad. Learning Management Systems are great for onboarding and creating learning paths for each role in your company. After onboarding, there are many processes that you have to recall. Using an LMS in conjunction with iorad is a game changer. An employee completes the LMS courses assigned and then has the iorad extension library of tutorials right in the application at their fingertips. This creates a much more productive & efficient work environment for new & existing employees.

No need to worry about up to date information for all the applications, either. Create one iorad tutorial and deploy it everywhere with the confidence that your changes to the tutorial will be updated instantaneously everywhere it's been deployed. Push it to your LMS, CRM, website, you name it; iorad tutorials sync everywhere and are accessible from the extension for quick and easy access! Why not let your MVP employees get more done. Stop requiring them to go back into “the shop” for their learning needs, just let iorad come to them!