Help Center Tutorial Layout Options


Lauren Taylor

We know that our customers all have unique cases & different types of learners accessing their Help Centers — so we wanted to provide the same output options that we allow for embedding outside the iorad help center as we do inside our help center.

Many love our interactive player, however, some prefer just a standard list with static images and text instructions. You know your learners best so we let you choose how to present it to them.

Choose from the following options:

  • Player Only
  • Step List followed by Player
  • Player followed by Step List
  • Step List Only

Check out the tutorial below:

Embedding the Help Center?

The Help Center, similar to tutorials has both desktop & mobile modes. When the Help Center is embedded in an area smaller than 1050 pixels it will default to Mobile mode. This means that the right panel list of tutorials will take the entire embed space, until the user selects a tutorial to view. Now at this point, the tutorial will take up the entire allotted space. Once the user presses close, they will return to the tutorial list view.

Want to learn more about managing your Help Center, click here.

See the tutorials below for more specific Help Center how-to’s.

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