How can you make Training accessible for Employees Near, Far & On the Go?

Application training is probably one of the most challenging, frustrating, and time-consuming types of training to create. Often it’s not retained or easily consumed by the learner, especially if they aren’t in the office.

Mobile Friendly

Training is not beneficial if it isn’t accessible. That’s why you’ll find an increasing number of LMS products built with the mobile user in mind. Enabling a company to provide training to those in-house, remote, and on the go. Thus increasing scalability.

Knowledge Capture Solution

In my previous role as Talent Management Administrator, I loved using iorad to create & share all the application training. It took our company training to the next level! I had time to create more training & I received great feedback from the employees on the helpfulness of the training. We even had the IT department link to the Training Library on the Intranet for ease of access.

Accessible Training — LMS

If training accessibility is a challenge for your organization, do some research to pick an LMS that speaks to your companies specific needs. Make sure that it will work for everyone in the organization & then be sure to ask about the options for incorporating content. Some systems provide basic options to create content & some offer the ability to integrate with a number of other systems for that piece. Integrating with other systems can cause issues for both the admin and end users — so really dive into what that looks like for both parties. Ask those important questions ahead to be sure the LMS chosen will be a good fit for your organization’s needs.

Accessible Training — In the Application

When discussing training accessibility, let’s take this a step farther. Consider this scenario, say your employee completes onboarding or even a single course in the LMS but then a month later needs to reference “how-to” complete said process. What if they could easily search right within the application to access the same tutorial without navigating back to the LMS course, that’d be great wouldn’t it?!

If you’re training employees on your product — easy peasy just add the iorad widget to your site & make the library of tutorials available & searchable within your product. The other situation may be that you need to train employees on external applications that you don’t own the code, no worries, just have IT install the iorad extension across all employee browsers & make those tutorials available using the auto-domain feature. For example, allow all emails access to these tutorials.

Of course there are many other options as well but it all depends on your company workflow & tools available. Check out iorad to capture knowledge across all your business applications and take back your time to get back to what matters most!