In:side: Intero Advisory


Lauren Taylor

Challenge: In:side provides coaching, profile development, and recruitment training. Their clients are used to In:side being a service provider. The shift from service provider to a product hasn’t been easy but finding the right tools is enabling In:side to make that transition. In:side’s ultimate goal is to help people navigate LinkedIn for personal branding, corporate branding, business development and recruiting. Whether it is an individual or organization, how can you better maximize LinkedIn from a personal branding & networking standpoint. Finding a platform that was easy to create and quick enough to maintain up to date content was a struggle for In:side.

Process: Pre-iorad the clients would chat In:side and the support team would try to walk them through the process. If support wasn’t successful via chat then they’d jump on a call with the client. Of course, there was support documentation before but it was timely to create and maintain plus clients didn’t use it. They mentioned people get tripped up in LinkedIn with the small things. Just like many applications, you get tripped up doing the smallest tasks because applications are constantly changing.

Result: The feedback In:side continues to receive is that the iorad content is really good. “People actually love the tutorials.” In:side shared that iorad is the cornerstone of what In:side is all about. Colleen, Principal at In:side shared that “what people like in terms of their blogs are quick tips. Quick tips look so much better in iorad than they do in screenshots.” Colleen shared that iorad was the first tool that they came across that allowed them to make tutorials very quickly. “Actually one night I created an iorad at 10:45 pm and sent it to a client by 11 o’clock. It was exactly what he needed and it was way faster than jumping on a call. Not only that but now I can duplicate it and send it to 60 other clients.” Sarah, Marketing Specialist at In:side shared that her favorite feature of iorad is “go live.” She said it saves so much time since coaching is one of the primary parts of their day it will enable our team to create more content & do even more coaching.

Kicking it up a notch with Integrations: Integrating iorad with Intercom is quite a duo. For In:side it is taking so much off the team’s plate because now they are able to re-orient their clients to be empowered. Ask any customer support team, they will tell you there are a good number of questions that are frequently asked by their users. Now with the intercom + iorad integration, the client just drops a keyword into the search bar and up pops the tutorial that can walk them through the process WITHOUT anyone from In:side’s support team. The clients get quicker answers that are more specific to the task at hand. This integration actually gives the user the opportunity to do whatever they need to get done at the moment without having to schedule a call with In:side. This combination of Intercom & iorad lets them search for things they are looking for in the most minimal way, which makes the user much less frustrated.