Interactive Step by Step Tutorial into a Fullscreen Video in Seconds


Lauren Taylor

Our users LOVE the video export feature & the ability to export straight to YouTube. Unfortunately, a downfall of exporting to an MP4 file is that after any edits it requires a new export, which inevitably means a new import to wherever you’re sharing it. More work, more time, more opportunities for out-dated training documentation.

If the platform you’re using to share the tutorials doesn’t constrict you to MP4 files, consider embedding iorad’s “Watch It” video mode instead of exporting it to an MP4. If you would like to produce a video without the instruction panel on the side — no problem. You can easily choose to hide it.

To create a customized video tutorial that is live & updated in the cloud, follow these three simple steps.

  1. Add Audio & Background Music
  2. Hide the Step Text Panel
  3. Embed the Player in Watch It Mode

Check out the example below: