iorad really DOES save you time


Arlen Kimmelman

How do you know when an online content creation tool such as iorad saves you time? 

iorad's tutorial maker saves you time by automating tasks

You click, and the text that matches your actions are automatically generated. Otherwise, you'd have to add your instructions manually at each step.  This is similar to the idea of templates, and templates are a great way to save time, so you don't have to start from scratch.

iorad saves you time by helping you stay organized

The iorad dashboard and search tool avoids wasting time scrolling to look for the item you want. It provides a way to create categories, subcategories, and tags, which give you and your learners choices in how to organize the tutorials. iorad has Help Centers that you can create to have all of the relevant tutorials for certain sets of users accessible all in one place. It also allows you to create drafts of tutorials to make when you have time; this allows you to seamlessly replace the updated tutorial when a new feature of its application gets released with no down time for the tutorial to be available to your users!

iorad saves you time by focusing on just what you need

You and your learners will never go down the proverbial rabbit hole because each iorad tutorial is finite, encompasses one task at a time, and can even have only one step shared instead of an entire tutorial. In addition, the iorad square highlights exactly where the learner will find where to look in the app., which supports quick and easy learning.

iorad saves you time by shortening your learning curve

You can use as many (or as few) of iorad's tools to create tutorials as you wish. That's why the free version is still such a powerful resource for tutorial creation. Start with the basics, and you'll produce a perfectly effective tutorial. Then learn on your own time to add the bells-and-whistles by consulting with iorad's pink question mark widget that contains the how-tos for using iorad. Your learners also encounter a standardized experience every time they use an iorad tutorial; your learners will be able to concentrate on learning skills, not learning the teaching tool.

iorad saves you time by making you more productive

Compare how long it takes you to make an iorad tutorial on one skill versus how long it takes you to make tutorials using other content creation apps on the same skill. Actually, there is no comparison because with iorad you don't have to create, download, and upload screenshots. You don't have to record the narrative with iorad since the audio is automagically generated. With iorad you don't have to splice and cut video to achieve a professional tutorial. Therefore, you can create more quality tutorials in a shorter amount of time, and as a result, help more of your learners in more situations.

iorad believes in its tagline: 

Create stunningly efficient tutorials and share them at lightspeed.

and you will, too.

Don't waste any more time; sign up for free at and start creating.


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