It’s all about the Experience — The Learner Experience that is!


Lauren Taylor

In this day and age society is used to content being tailored to the individual. It doesn’t matter if you’re scrolling through your social media feed, a page of Google Search results, or your Netflix recommendations…everything is carefully chosen just for you!

This expectation has even made its way into the training world. Today’s employee wants relatable, engaging content delivered through the latest technology. People expect real-time help, which is evident by the shift from phone calls and letters to text messages and emails.

There has been a rise in popularity of the learning approach used by the modern LMS. Today’s LMS is the hub for all training — able to disperse & track hands-on training, specific tasks, course content, etc. The modern LMS provides the learner access to libraries of curated content relevant to the employee's current position, providing the tools she needs to be successful now and in the future.

Companies with a learning library allow the employee to take ownership of her professional growth. Many prefer this self-help approach, as can be seen by the ever increasing popularity of self-checkout lanes in grocery stores.

As you are selecting an LMS — look for one with the ability to curate content for specific groups of learners and that allows for the self-help approach. Use the LMS to build a diverse content library to better serve your employees’ needs, and then take it a step farther with iorad. Your learning management system will be the hub for learning & the iorad extension will be their companion. By pairing your LMS with iorad’s extension the employee will have access to on-demand help without having to leave the web application or navigating to a third-party help site. Talk about increasing productivity & building a culture of growth!