It’s Quiz Time: Let’s See What You’ve Learned


Lauren Taylor

You asked … and we’ve answered. We’ve heard the request a number of times — do you have a quiz mode? Our new answer is yes! This is the first iteration of the quiz feature, so you can expect to see some tweaks as we listen to your feedback.

The learner gets to interact with the iorad player similar to “interactive mode”; however, the highlight marker is hidden from them.

As they complete the steps without highlight marker prompting, the player advances, except when they make a mistake. It will flash a red line at the top of the player & not advance until the learner performs the appropriate action.

On the Settings page, you’ll now see a Quiz option under “Advanced Modes.” Leave the default “Acceptable Time for Task” or choose to select a custom time.

Choose to Include “All steps” or “Action steps only.” This means it will leave out any “Read” steps in the Quiz mode.

Lastly, you can select which Quiz Results you’d like to show to the learner at the end. The options include: All, Accuracy Only, Speed Only, or None.

After you’ve made your selections, copy the Quiz Link or Embed Code to share it with your learners.

Check out how to turn on Quiz mode below:

Quiz Results

Let’s talk about the quiz results. Currently, after the learner completes the tutorial, they will be given their Speed & Accuracy results. This information is only viewable to the learner following the completion of the quiz. It is not saved anywhere within iorad; therefore, navigating away or refreshing the screen will reset the results.

You can, however, instruct your learners to take a screenshot of their results & submit them to you.

Hope you enjoy using the new quiz feature & please reach out with any feedback.