Jane Mintz: Ventura County of Education


Lauren Taylor

Challenge: Jane Mintz, Director of Educator Support and Effectiveness at Ventura County of Education(VCOE) uses iorad to support teachers across the county along with many other area school districts. VCOE has about 600 teachers in their mentorship programs and is a Credentialing agency for the state of California. Supporting 1200 teachers on a regular basis used to be a lot more challenging before Jane heard about iorad at the CUE conference. VCOE invests a lot of time during registration every year, with people getting lost in the process. That’s where iorad comes in.

Process: Jane shared, “We use iorad for a lot of things. Mostly for step by step instructions for registration & how to proceed through registration documents. It is my greatest gift. It has saved me so many hours of taking individual screenshots, sizing them, then getting them to work with the text. We always present the practice version and the PDF. Without any additional effort on my part, I can address 2 different learning modalities. People can choose the method they learn best.” Jane’s department supports many teachers in the area, so she’ll create an iorad for them if they are having trouble with something. She just goes through the steps & boom she has a PDF that she can send off. “I use to make so many step by step instructions, putting the squares & arrows where you are needing to click. I’m spoiled now; you’ve spoiled me! “

Results: Jane said, “You know how Oprah has her favorite things, Iorad is one of my favorite things. The tutorial is interactive, it shows you where to click. We can make an on the fly PDF. It’s amazing! It’s so brilliant. I am in love with this product. It has saved me so many hours.” She reiterated, any tool that increases productivity, gives her the time to work on the meat & potatoes. “Now I can really work on my purpose. I just think its totally & completely brilliant. When a group of system engineers has their jaws in their laps you know you have a good product.”