Just in Time Learning for your Sales Teams


Lauren Taylor

A growing number of companies are embracing what many call their sales enablement team. This team is dedicated to building out resources that will specifically support the sales teams growth initiatives.

Sales team’s are required to understand a lot of different aspects of the business. They not only need to be educated in all the sales processes, systems, and best practices but also well equipped to educate & sell the product itself. For a new sales member, this is a lot to soak in. Additionally, as software systems & processes change over time, current team members need to remain up to speed. This is the importance of just in time learning solutions.

Often times a team member may go through the initial training but then later need to reference that information at the point they are trying to complete a specific task. In this case, they would want to reference a small portion of a training they took previously in say the LMS. Utilizing a solution that allows you to fill the gap in these type of scenarios is super beneficial. This allows the team to create content once but make it available at various points and locations in their learning journey.

However, it’s easy to compile too many tools that end up overcomplicating the process — and therefore it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. These questions came from an Unleash conference session by Rich Adams, Sales Enablement Manager.

How will this tool enable the sales process?

How will the tool deliver value through the sales process?

How does ____ tool help me accomplish ______ ?

Let’s talk about a few strategies that have been proven successful. Using a blended learning strategy has shown to work well for sales teams as it combines the more traditional training approach with point of need and independent learning options. Another key to successful retention is incorporating interactivity into your trainings. This will help with muscle memory of each task. Lastly, offering readily available micro learning opportunities, in other words short 2 minute or less bursts of learning is another vital key to successful learning.

A good starting point in offering these short learning tutorials at the point of need is determining the most common use cases and at which points of need a newcomer would come to it. Meeting the learner where they are with the information that they need at the point they need it — is very important for increasing training adoption & success.

While the learner won’t remember everything initially, if they know where to get the answers then thats the big win!

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