Keeping Your Front Lines Up to Speed


Lauren Taylor

Sales teams are often the face of the organization. In my opinion, the fastest approach in sales is authenticity. If a salesperson, can relate, convey trust, create a relational vs a transactional correspondence all the better. In a sales relationship, you are there to support & educate the potential customer. We’ve all met that salesperson who says yes to every question asked & BS’s their way through a sales pitch. That is the exact opposite of what builds a trusted relationship and inevitably leads to losing a sale.

When the sales enablement team has a clear vision of their customer's challenges along with what the product can offer — it is less about sales tactics and more about helping solve customer challenges. It’s not about getting every sale, it’s about getting the right sale. Signing a customer who has needs that can’t be met from the product off the shelf solution is not setting the customer nor the company up for a positive ongoing relationship.

This is the importance of keeping the sales team up to speed on all the latest feature releases & updates. However, that’s where it gets challenging. Many times, the team members are spread out across the country often in different time zones. Delivering consistent training to the team is no easy feat.

Coordinating everyone's schedule is a task in & of itself. Sometimes, however, a meeting isn’t necessarily the most efficient approach to communicating updates in the product. Talking through case studies is better suited for a group discussion but as far as the application functionality — that is best done hands-on. Allowing the team to visualize & interact with the new feature will help them to better understand the feature and functionality.

Next time you find yourself scheduling a sales meeting consider how iorad can help save you & your team time. Allow iorad to communicate those new features/updates to possibly even shorten your meetings — if nothing else increase the productivity of the meeting.

Here are a couple of ways iorad can increase efficiency for your sales team:

  1. Provide iorad tutorials ahead: Send the iorad’s out ahead of the meeting, allowing the team to come prepared with questions on the functionality. This also allows more time to talk through scenarios of best practices of those features and how it solves customer challenges.
  2. Make iorad tutorials accessible: Even the best salesperson, may not always remember every detail from the sales meeting of the new features or updates. Providing tutorials that are accessible to reference in preparation for a prospective customer meeting or even during a sales call can be super beneficial.

It’s been proven that using iorad to create & disperse training increases efficiency & productivity for sales teams. As a result, generating more sales & stronger customer relationships … that lead to even more sales. Happy customers — make the best sales & marketing team members.