Lee Howell: Leander ISD


Lauren Taylor

Challenge: Lee Howell is a certified Google trainer & SuperAdmin working in the role of technology integration specialist. She works with teachers, instructional coaches and occasionally techs. Her challenge is supporting the 46 Instructional coaches as they support thousands of teachers to expand the depth of learning in the classroom so the 35,000 students at Leander ISD are not just consuming but creating with technology.

Process: There is one Instructional coach per school to support the one to one device culture. Previously, Lee would create screenshot instructional docs for her coaches & teachers that would take her hours. Now, in just minutes, she “whips up a how-to in iorad” for whatever Google question it may be. Most of the help needed is geared towards all things Google like Chrome, Activities Dashboard, Classroom, Drive, Seesaw, and Takeout.

Results: After being introduced to iorad from the CUE conference, she thought to herself, “where has this been all my life?” She is using iorad to support her team of instructional coaches & in turn, the instructional coaches are using iorad to support their team of teachers. Lee shared that their data has shown that many teachers have strong foundational skills, but they don’t feel confident with multimedia. The flipside of that is students don’t have good foundational skills but the teachers do. Iorad is the perfect tool to help fill in those gaps. Using the statistics tool in iorad, Lee can tell which tutorials are being viewed & which ones aren’t so that she can focus her time more effectively supporting her team of coaches. Lee shared that with her categorized library of iorads, “I’m not spending my time on how-to’s and discrete skills, I’m spending my time on that depth now!”