When you have less than 15 minutes to show How-to

If you are prepared for when you’ve run out of time to present a training or when your training time has been cut, that’s a good thing! That preparation does not have to double your preparation time, either. Wanna know the secret? iorad.

You see, with each tutorial you’ve created, we’ve already provided you with the means to provide…

✫ both synchronous and asynchronous training.

✫ either self-guided or coached how-tos.

✫ choices for how learners want to interact with the training.

✫ visual and/or audio options to support training.

Plus, by the nature of the training being available asynchronously, it is also a long-term resource for your learners. It’s micro-training on steroids [not that we’re condoning juicing up.] But hey, if you have a solution that saves everyone time, the micro how-to training you provide will be everyone’s go-to training!