Minimizing Challenges in L&D


Lauren Taylor

The Four C’s

It’s an understatement to say, Learning & Development have their work cut out for them. Let’s refer to the challenges as the Four Big C’s. The C’s being Change, Consistency, Connected, and Custom. We’ll break each of these challenges down & then look at a few easy ways to go about minimizing them.

CHANGE: Managing Change

Change has always been a challenge to manage but now organizations are facing more change than they know how to navigate. There are many types of change whether that be role shifting, new innovative technology, market shifts forcing change in the business focus, and many more.

CONSISTENCY: Providing the Same Level of Training

Companies have a various number of factors that play into being able to provide the same level training across the board. Whether its timezone, language, work schedules, or location, it is absolutely a huge challenge for corporations to disperse the same quality training all across the organization.

CONNECTED: Delivering Relevant Learning Content

We’re all busy with the challenges each day brings with a constant pull from so many different directions. We don’t need an additional challenge to figure out how to provide relevant learning content that is worth people’s time and furthermore doesn’t pull them away from their everyday tasks outside of the application.

CUSTOM: Multi-Modal Training for Various Generations

While the percentage of millennials in the workforce continues to rise, the other generations that round out the workforce shouldn’t be forgotten. Despite which generation an employee may fall into, employees have different preferred styles of learning. In L&D it is important to cater to the majority, yes, but it's also important to deliver content that positively impacts as many people as possible. Getting learning into their hands faster, easier, and in a way that will be retained...for more than 30 seconds.

Tackling the C’s

CHANGE: Inform employees of the change ahead of time: What it is and how will it affect the employee. Inform them how to navigate the change: Let them know how to access change information when they need it. Whether that be pointing them to a help center, sending information in an email, accessible in-app, but whatever the approach may be it’s important they have easy access.

CONSISTENCY: Consistent training is key for distributing consistent messaging throughout the organization. In any successful business, you’ll find consistency all the way from process to culture. It’s not only critical internally but also externally as customers notice when there is inconsistency in an organization. Beyond that, consistency fosters trust among your employees & customers. This all starts with the distribution of consistent training!

CONNECTED: Any chance you have to incorporate training into the application or connect it to the process… the better. Make training searchable and easily accessible at the point of need for the employee. This way they don’t have to waste their time tracking down help, because if we’re honest, many times they won’t. Let’s put the training at their fingertips… what about in an extension that follows them from site to site?!

CUSTOM: Creating customizable training is the key to engagement. In an organization, there are several types of learning preferences represented as well as content that isn’t always suitable for the same type of training approach. Offering different types of training for your learners can be the difference. Some learn best by watching a video, others may prefer an interactive hands-on approach, and maybe some retain information best by reading it. Why not offer all these and let them decide? One reason. Time. That would take a lot of time and wouldn’t be maintainable with conventional methods.

Let me introduce you to iorad, an unconventional content creation tool. Using iorad, it’s super easy to create and share content with your learners. Once the content has been captured just share it in the app, help center, knowledge base, email, or heck anywhere you wish. Hey, we’re almost into 2020, why not let the learner decide how they’d like to take the training. Whether that be practicing it like a simulation, reading the steps, printing it out, watching a video, or guided through the steps in the real application. It’s up to them. All of this is available without any additional time spent by the creator. They create it once and it’s available in multiple modes. Let iorad start to minimize the challenges your learning & development team face.

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