Minimizing the Digital Skill Gap


Lauren Taylor

New technology is always on the horizon, making current technology instantly dated. Kind of like driving a new car off the lot. Keeping up with the demands & maintenance of new technology is a real challenge for many businesses. The constant need for updating technology creates a digital skills gap for employee’s day to day tasks.

What’s the answer? How do we approach this daunting task without spending hours creating training that will be obsolete in a week, thanks to the next update?

Companies are investing in a dedicated L & D person or department, along with selecting an LMS that fits their unique needs. However, the problem remains. An LMS is just that, it’s a Learning Management System. How do we keep up with the never-ending change in technology?

In a mid to large size company, generally, there is a minimum of 30 different core applications used to run business operations. Each department has a primary focus & varying systems that are essential to run that specific business department.

To stay up to date, systems will continue to change. Companies will assign a couple of people to be dedicated to supporting all these applications. The kicker… they don’t use any of the applications they support on a day to day basis. The L & D department is tasked with creating training that gets new & current employees up to speed quickly with the latest workflow. It seems like an impossible task and many companies are still struggling to find the best approach.

Good news is, there are tools out there that will minimize this challenge. Tools such as screencast recorders, screen captures, and content creator platforms. There is no doubt, they all have their place & solve a specific challenge. Iorad falls into those categories. Some would say it combines all those tools into one unique user experience. Now the L&D team can take advantage of the Subject Matter Expert in each department by allowing them to click through the application & within just minutes have created a training. It’s a pretty powerful tool because it's efficient & effective for both the learner AND creator.

Utilizing iorad allows the L & D department to be more prolific with their time. They have time to create more, better quality, and up to date resources. The dreams of creating a massive learning library and releasing how-to’s before a new update goes live — is now possible with iorad!