Nate Ridgeway: Beech Grove High School


Lauren Taylor

Challenge: Nate is a history teacher, author, & blogger, and he absolutely loves iorad. So much so, that he is mentioning iorad in an educational tech book being published in early 2019. You might be familiar with one of the authors, Matt Miller (he’s the author of the Ditch That Textbook series). Nate’s challenge is two-sided. Nate wanted to flip his high school history classroom and be sure that students were getting the same instruction they were if he was teaching them in person. Additionally, there are always days where a teacher just can’t be a school. This becomes a wasted day many times because leaving a substitute some information to teach doesn’t work or the teacher ends up leaving busy work for the students. Nate being the creative innovative teacher he is… is using iorad to reduce those challenges.

Process: “Flipping the classroom would have been definitely more difficult without iorad.” He would have had to write out instructions to guide the students through the lessons explaining when to click on each hyperdoc throughout the hyperslides(Google Presentations) lesson. Rather than just being able to click through & write short instructions with iorad.

Results: Nate likes that he can put a really quick tutorial together. Iorad fills the gap and saves him from many conversations he hasn’t had to have with students. “What makes iorad different is they have to go do what you say, and the interactive nature.” He feels its worth the time to make the tutorial. “Flipping the classroom would have been definitely more difficult without this. It’s not just a safety net, it’s the oil in the machine.”