Navigating CHANGE in the Workplace

Change … a dreaded word for many. No one likes change - learning change, dealing with change, processing change, it's all around hard. Even if it does turn out for the better. The best way to reduce the negativity around change in your organization is by better preparing your employees for the change.

Change is better processed when you:

  1. Inform employees of the change ahead of time: What it is and how it will affect the employee.
  2. Inform them how to navigate the change: Let them know how to access change information when they need it.

Simply put, when change happens - notify the employee to let them know that change is upon them and then reassure them where they can find the new information when needed. This will put the employees at ease.

This process can be implemented using a variety of tools, however, we are partial to iorad.

Use iorad to capture the process then insert the link into an email. In the email, speak to the change and include the tutorial link. Use that email to point employees to the library of tutorials so they know where to find it later. Whether that be the iorad widget, extension, help center, 3rd party knowledge base or maybe just a spreadsheet, they’ll be comforted knowing that they have one source to access the information when they need it.

Why not let  iorad start reducing the anxiety of change in your organization.