Over 21,000 what?!


Arlen Kimmelman

iorad creators have created over 21,000 public tutorials based on Google products. And that's just the public tutorials. All told, there are currently 21,328 public Google product iorad tutorials. There are an additional 16,356 Google product iorad tutorials that are unlisted, embedded, or invite only. Add that all up, and iorad creators have made a total of 37,738 tutorials just on Google products (you know, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms, Gmail, etc.) These tutorials have provided learners with over 40,000 hours of interactive training.

What does this mean for you?

First, many of these tutorials are available to you and your learners for free. You can access them in three ways.

  1. From the iorad extension: Anyone who downloads the free iorad extension, has access to the allowlisted public tutorials associated with that product. Here's an example: Click here to see the free tutorials associated with Google Docs from within Google Docs!
  2. Visit iorad's the square. Search for any Google product, and explore all of the public tutorials for Google products.
  3. Google (yes, the verb, not the noun) "How to... " and fill in the blank with the skill you want to learn about a Google product. Chances are that one of the first results will be an iorad tutorial.

Just Google?

Of course not! Over 90% of the tutorials creators have made for the following products are also public and can be found from your favorite search engine or from the square.

Coinbase   💠   Spotify   💠   Pinterest   💠   Trello   💠   Notion   💠   Canvas

Don't see a tutorial for the skill or product about which you want to learn?  For a skill, simply log into the square, ask your question, and get it answered by an expert from anywhere in the world for free. To get a product included in the square, use the Request Product feature in the square to put the product on the Waitlist, and be sure to get others to upvote it to have it added more quickly.

Or ya know what? Download the free iorad extension, and start creating your own stunningly efficient tutorials and sharing them at lightspeed. 


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