Ramp Up Digital Training Lighting Fast


Lauren Taylor

COVID -19 has forced many organizations across the world to shift to a remote workforce immediately.

There are 3 common challenges that training teams face.

1. Creating Training: Tedious & Time Consuming

Many are scrambling to get training in the hands of their employees with everyone spread apart. You may have a team of people or you may be a one man team — the challenge is the same. We only have a set number of hours in the day & training is quite tedious to create. Churning out training is typically not a thing — and instead typically takes hours or a week to put together just one training.

2. Distributing training effectively while being able to simultaneously update content as needed

Sharing training in a way that allows for updates to be pushed out simultaneously is also quite tricky. You may be creating videos or maybe documentation. Remembering all the places you have shared this information & then re-uploading the updated content is a mess.

3. Learners ability to easily interact & follow the training

Typically training isn’t interactive and it forces the learner to stop & start the training in order to follow along. This isn’t a good approach for application training at all as we need instructions to guide us through the process step by step.

What’s the solution?

1. Challenge: Time consuming training

To create a training in minutes, click through the process in your application & let iorad configure all the steps & instructional text to put into a nice neat interactive player.

Solution: Use iorad

2. Challenge: Distributing & Updating training

Distributing & updating has never been easier. If you’ve embedded or used tutorial links, then no need to do anything at all. All the changes are automatically pushed to everywhere it has been embedded.

Solution: Use iorad

3. Challenge: Interactive training

Most of the time creating interactive training is super time consuming — but not when you use iorad. Once you’ve captured the steps for the tutorial — it’s immediately available for the learner to interact with the tutorial in the iorad player. They can practice the steps as if they were in the real application.

Solution: Use iorad

What are you waiting for? Start churning out interactive tutorials with a free iorad account.