Seamless Tutorial Experience


Lauren Taylor

The iorad hyperlink tool can be super handy for a number of purposes.

However, in the scenario where you are linking one tutorial to another iorad tutorial, it can get hairy real fast. Imagine the user already has 10 tabs open in their browser & now upon clicking the hyperlink you prompted an eleventh opened tab.

This feature automatically assumes that you’d like to offer the learner a seamless one tab experience. As the learner is viewing a tutorial and clicks an iorad hyperlink, it will open the hyperlinked tutorial in the existing tab. The user can always navigate back with the browser back arrow OR you can build in a hyperlink back to the original tutorial based upon your scenario.

This enhancement only applies to iorad tutorials — any external resource still opens in a new tab.

Another tip to consider is hyperlinking to a specific step in another tutorial. In iorad tutorial URL links, you’ll notice at the end it shows the “mode” and the “step number.” Keep in mind, you can always hyperlink out to another tutorial in a different mode to a specific step.

Check out this tutorial to see how it works:

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