Send Quick Step-By-Step Instructions in Gmail


Lauren Taylor

In a previous post, we talked about the iorad Step List feature. Let’s take it a step farther. Sometimes, you may need to quickly send written instructions via email to possibly a coworker or a client. Using a Free extension this is now an option by just embedding the steps of an iorad tutorial right in your Gmail message. Awesome, huh?!

Hey, it’s super easy to do. Just grab the “Free HTML Editor for Gmail” Extension and the iorad Step List Embed code and that’s all you need. Paste the embed code right inside the HTML editor of your draft email & watch the magic happen. Bam, from code to a beautiful step list. Now you can be Mr./Ms. fancy pants to your co-workers or clients by zipping off these impressive step by step emails.

Another simple approach is to use the step list link to copy the step list & paste it directly into your email.