Valid Values

iorad created a support system for what you value

【time】 【retention】 【simplicity】


【time】You value your time; your time is valuable. Your staff’s time is valuable. Your trainer’s time is valuable. We agree. iorad was created with exactly those values in mind: Quick & easy tutorial creation. We’re setting the land speed record for tutorial creation. Take a look…


【retention】People learn best by doing, by hands-on learning, not so much by passively listening or watching. They need to concentrate when learning is important, not have time for thoughts to wander onto planning what’s for dinner while pretending that the glazed look on their faces means they are entranced by watching someone else do the work. And retention circles back to time; iorad tutorials allow you to provide training as needed to those who need it when they need it.

【simplicity】Create one iorad tutorial and allow your learners to choose from multiple modes of learning. For example, they can Try it interactively or through one of six other modes: View it, Slide it, Watch it, Print it, Quiz it, or Do it. And learner choice circles back to retention; choice leads to engagement, which leads to motivation, which leads to retention. (Google it; you’ll see.)

What else do you value in employee training, onboarding, and professional development for the applications on which your business depends? Let us know at iorad; we probably support that, too.

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