Video vs Iorad


Lauren Taylor

Deciding the right tool for the job can be a challenge. To make a video or an iorad? What makes them different & where do they each excel?

Video works excellent if sharing an overview with an audience! The reason being is that videos work really well for telling a story.

Whereas, an  iorad is for sharing specific how-to concepts. In other words, iorads are useful for teaching rather than telling. There is no buffering and no need to play/pause when trying to learn.

Need to give an overview of your product, that tells a story… then make a video. Sending a library of iorad tutorials is probably not going to be super effective in that situation. However, if the goal is teaching a specific task then iorad is the tool for the job.

Next time you are thinking about sharing content with an audience — ask yourself, am I wanting to teach or tell?

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