Ways to Use Iorad


Lauren Taylor

Our users use iorad in a number of ways to create & share application training whether it be a web or a desktop application. Sometimes even within a single team it could be used for various purposes. Let’s take a look at the most common ways people are utilizing iorad and which features are most beneficial in each scenario.

- Employee Training

- Customer Training

- Sales Team Training

- Educational Staff Training

Employee training:

A simple way to capture & share application processes across the entire organization.

  • Desktop & Web capture for all the applications used day to day.
  • Hook up multiple integrations to quickly share training many places while having one centralized document to update.
  • Quickly populate audio whether custom or using Text to Speech.
  • Lock down training visibility within your org & blur sensitive information.
  • Standardized style guide with company branding on all of your training
  • Collaborate amongst teams of Subject Matter Experts to create & edit training.

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Customer Training:

A fast & easy way to create & educate your users

  • Hook up integrations to your Customer Support/Ticketing System/Knowledge Base
  • Provide an interactive experience for learners to practice
  • Within as little as 30 seconds create & send tutorials as a ticket response
  • Use step list option to quickly create help articles
  • Standardized Style Guide
  • Utilize draft mode to stay ahead of the curve and the latest feature release
  • Customers around the world — make use of the Amazon TTS & Google translate along with our easy to use audio/text translation template.

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Sales Enablement:

Train your team and keep them up to date on the latest & greatest of the software application.

  • Hands on — training for more solidified understanding
  • Mobile accessibility while out on the road
  • Unlimited tutorial access for the many sales applications & processes needed
  • CRM Integrations: Accessible right within Sales applications
  • Auto Designed PDF — to easily send documentation to clients or print process instructions to have on hand in a pinch

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Keep your staff up to speed on all the newest applications & processes.

  • Multi-Mode learning to help bridge the gap between Millennial and baby boomers staff.
  • Out of the box solution — Easy to use
  • Embed inside School LMS
  • Google Single Sign On
  • Integrates with Google Drive and YouTube.
  • Read-along Audio with Interactive & Video mode

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