Why aren’t we Training for “What Ifs”

We train for fires, tornadoes, and intruders but do we train for mishap situations in onboarding? Most onboarding programs give the basic training of what you need to know in a perfect world if all is working as it should. However, as we know more times than not — the unexpected happens. Employees with tribal knowledge know how to deal with this stuff and that is what makes them incredibly invaluable. Why not learn the tricks of the trade, things like troubleshooting techniques then incorporate that into our training programs to better equip employees for the day to day situations that more than likely WILL happen.

I mean, how often do we arm employees with that Tribal knowledge in the onboarding process. For example, if ______ is not accurate then follow the “x” procedure. We’ve got to stop brushing situations under the rug & start being proactive.

As they say, competence increases confidence and confidence increases productivity.

In order to promote a more competent, confident and productive workforce… begin by kicking your training up a notch. You’ll be surprised at the impact that quality training will have across your entire organization. Just start taking small steps to improve a few departments of the business and the impact will grow as the training grows.

Back to the initial question… why aren’t we training for the “What-If’s”? The answer is simple. Time. We barely have time to train for the perfect world scenarios to even begin to think about training for when things go wrong how we want the employee to respond, am I right?!

Let’s start taking back time by busting out tons of training tutorials. Not only will you be more prolific with pushing out new content but your employees will be more competent, confident, PRODUCTIVE, and HAPPY. Win, win! Learn how you can use iorad to optimize the various parts of your business and start minimizing your largest pain points with awesome training.

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