Word of the day: ineffable


Arlen Kimmelman

ineffable: impossible to describe or explain; difficult to put into words

Try describing a particular shade of blue without using the word 'blue' or pointing to the color. Try describing what water tastes like. Using only words, try describing that noise your car is making to your mechanic or the pain in your leg to your doctor.

You get the idea. Well, that's what we encounter every day at iorad. Sure, we can say things like, "Create stunningly efficient tutorials and share them at lightspeed," or "iorad stands for Instructional Object RApid Development." But is it a tutorial maker? Is it a tutorial builder? Is it a screen recorder?

iorad is something you have to see and experience to fully understand.

Here's a brief intro to what iorad is and does: 


I've tried using, "Create step by step interactive tutorials in minutes that are shareable in multiple formats." Practical, descriptive, but not words that will wow anyone.

Jessica Stuivenberg, an Instructional Technology Coach and one of iorad's Ambassadors, has said this to explain what iorad does,

What if you had a tool that would show you how quickly you clicked on things? Would it surprise you? Anytime you're learning a new tool, you "click around" trying to figure out this new platform, but you're not exactly sure what you've clicked on to get that thing." Then she explains that iorad allows you to not "go down a squirrel hole" and get lost in [the tool] trying to find an answer...but if you clicked around while using iorad, it would show you where [to go].

In May 2023 iorad has added a couple of tools that make it a tutorial builder on steroids:

  • Publish directly to the square from your iorad editor.publish to the square
  • Add yourself into the tutorial from your webcam.video webcam


You have to see it in action to encounter the instantaneous wow factor that people experience when seeing their first iorad being made. Create a free account at https://www.iorad.com and be prepared to be wowed.


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