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Time To Bulk Up – How To Bulk Edit Tutorials

Mar 18, 2016
Are you ready to do some heavy lifting? You’re loving making interactive tutorials, you’re making a lots of them and so are all your teammates. But making sure all tutorials are consistent may be a challenge. Going back in to edit each tutorial is a hassle. Well, here’s an easy way to bulk up! In your iorad settings, you have the option
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How This Zendesk User Made 10 Knowledge Base Articles in 40 Minutes

Oct 26, 2015

Meet Julie. Julie’s a customer support pro at a growing startup that uses Zendesk.

Her boss asked her to make sure she’s documenting solutions to all the most common problems. Who wants to keep doing the same thing over and over? Time is money! But there’s a problem. Julie’s busy answering phone calls and wowi
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